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The Professional Assemblers Network is all about helping everyone in our industry for assembly, installation or repair work. Whether it be for the consumer, the retailers, on-line dealers, the manufacturers or even the national assembly companies (NAC's). 

One of the biggest problems is keeping technicians (a tech) busy enough to get work on a regular basis. The reason there has "never" been a National Assembly Company that can keep a technician busy all the time... is because they don't have enough contracts with the retailers, on-lined dealers or manufacturers at anyone time to have the work for the tech, so good "qualified" technicians move on to another trade and everyone suffers.

This network is not a National Assembly Company; we provide recruiting, a directory to contact the tech directly, we are an educational source and have a camaraderie platform to make sure techs know how to make money with or without a participating NAC.

This industry has been fragmented for years; however, the United Assemblers Network is bringing the industry full circle to bring order through the only organization that cares enough to make it happen... The UAN!   

As a third party entity, this network is not driven by the money a reseller, technician or NAC make through their clients. What that translates into is, this network is the best source for recruiting technical talent in this industry without being just hopeful that someone will be found on a free-for-all listing service.

For the consumer:

First and foremost, we are for the consumer. The consumer has long been promised by retailers that their technicians are qualified professionals; knowing the technician does not actually work for them. In most cases the retailers sales rep has no idea the the store they work for is actually promoting the service through a National Assembly Company "contracted" with the store; who "contracts with the technician. 

Being a consumer, you want to get what you pay for. Unfortunately, because of the current business model with almost all retailers dictating pricing, any NAC's chances of scheduling a professional to show up at your door is only by chance. You never know who is going to show up... until after they leave.

We are the only entity that provides true training and certifications, to make sure the consumer gets everything and more when they spend their hard earned dollars on service. 

For the retailers:

Retailers have gone through many national assembly companies on hopes to find one that can deliver the service your customers want and deserve. The days of finding "someone" (with the qualifications or not) through free on line services is over. We are here to make sure your customers are serviced by professionals.

For the Manufacturer:

We work with any manufacturer that wants to work with us to make sure the consumer is serviced professionally.

For the technicians:

We are the only place for you to correspond with other like minded and talented people that have the most at stake in the services we provide. By being a member of this network, you will have the notoriety of being a member of the only organization that cares about you and the consumer.

And yes... We are here for the National Assembly Company:

Mike Mehrle, the founder of this network, has been a corporate manager for three different NAC's over the last eight years (as of 2013). Knowing the recruiting process is a numbers game, and that all national companies hire anyone who says they have tools, Mike also knows many people an NAC says is a professional technician... is actually not.

The United Assemblers is not any NAC's competition... we are absolutely here to build a talent pool for everyone to pull from. The problem is, all NAC's keep their technicians proprietary to their own needs; knowing they will not be able to keep these technicians busy enough to keep them over the long haul.

Another problem is, who is showing up at your door...

You can do the search yourself or you can request the technician provide you with a recent background check. The United Assemblers has made it easy for everyone; a search can be obtained through the following link:


Independent Technicians in business for themselves but not by themselves