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The reason for our network is simple... we are here to make sure the consumer is taken care of by "professional" assembly, installation and repair technicians. For years the UAN has recruited, trained and managed hundreds of technicians. We do our best to make sure our members are the best of the best. With the others... you never know what you are getting.

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Many companies know where the PROFESSIONALS are, because they send their customers here. The types of companies below are just a few of who we endorse as awesome products for their quality and customer service:

Fitness Equipment Assembly, Installation and RepairBasketball Goal InstallationFurniture Assembly, Installation and RepairSwing and Play Set Assembly, Installation and RepairTreadmill Assembly, Installation and Repair

We all know how fragmented the assembly/installation industry has been.

Helping you find qualified technicians is becoming easier with every entity that helps us help them by simply linking to our network or at a minimum, displaying our logo if you want to have control of who you use out of our directory. This gives us the exposure to attract more people who have the experience you want when it comes to servicing your customers.

Today, the UAN is providing more of an exposure and educational service than a directory. We still maintain a certified directory because that is the backbone of what we all want. The directory is yours to use absolutely FREE and is link friendly for you. What link friendly means, is your company doesn’t need to have concerns about linking out to your competitors by linking to technicians who link out to everyone as if they are endorsed by the product or retailer listed on the technicians website. When they do this, it may send your customers to your competitors.

Additionally, whenever anyone uses a national assembly company (NAC), their technicians are typically found on Craig’s List (their main recruiting source) and those techs are rarely trained and that is a problem, especially if they are new to the industry. However, the UAN qualifies prospective technicians by providing the industry’s first and only certification test to help us vet the professionals you want.


We will setup your own personal page for you to link to that will have the UAN directory on it. Your personal UAN directory page will not have any outbound links to any other page on our website or links to your competitor’s websites; it is the ABSOLUTE safest way for you to have a managed directory without sending your customers to your competitors.


Your personal UAN directory page will provide a higher SEO value than any other source for your website; which is the back linking search engines look for. This will help you gain a higher page ranking in a short period of time; which will give you more organic results making your PPC advertising costs more effective.

Yes, we do link out from our main website, providing even greater SEO value for you. However, we only link out to companies that display a visible UAN logo and or link from their website to the personal directory setup for them on our website. It is a link your company will want since we have exceptional organic traffic to our main website and a very popular YouTube channel. 

We will also be helping you by providing a professional endorsement for your products on your personal UAN directory (check out the sample link below). Your personal page would be setup with no outbound links other than back to your website.

Sample URL for you to link to (that would have your company’s information on it):

The following are our highlights for you to consider:   

  • The UAN provides a managed data base of technicians for you and your customers absolutely FREE to you.
  • The UAN vets technicians through the ONLY certification testing process.
  • The UAN is the first to get the insurance industry to provide liability coverage (that recognizes our type of work).
  • The UAN “does not” make a commission from the technicians in our network; techs make 100% of whatever they charge.
  • The UAN has a small monthly membership fee that will keep our directory “fresh”, again, FREE for you and your customers.
  • The UAN is the only entity in this industry to provide sources to learn how to be a better tech/business person.
  • The UAN is here to make assembly, installation & repair a source for professionals by creating an “organized” industry of professionals.  

To reiterate...

The UAN IS NOT an NAC, the UAN IS a national network of independent professionals that is the fastest point of contact for you and your customers, and the only verifiable place for certified technicians that service the consumer professionally.

Your products are better served by a local technician for your customers that come from our directory; rather than having any NAC that only compensates a technician half of what the consumer pays. Low pay for techs is why our industry has always had a hard time keeping people interested making this a career.

Linking to the UAN:

I can send a graphic that will blend well into your website giving your customers a better experience when it comes time for them to find a professional service provider.  

Your personal UAN page will have all the META tags set to provide great SEO value for your website... This is how it will work:

META TAGS for your personal UAN webpage:

<Title>YOUR Company name here - Assembly, Installation and/or Repair Services</title>

<META NAME="description" CONTENT="Professional assembly and Installation services for COMPANY NAME, PRODUCT TYPE AND DESCRIPTION GOES HERE.">

<META NAME="keywords" CONTENT="Specific key words">

Click on any company in our users directory above. The ones with a link are the ones who understand the importance of the consumer being serviced by PROFESSIONALS!!!

If you would like to have a link from our website here, ABSOLUTELY FREE to your website. Display the badge below on your website and we will link to you. If you use us exclusively... we will setup your personal endorsement page for you. PLEASE NOTE: endorsements are pending review of actual products.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call our office at 614-364-4232

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