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The United Assemblers has assembled, installed or repaired over 1 million products
for the consumer since we started over ten years ago!
We are here to stay for you!

Basketball Goal InstallationFitness Equipment Assembly, Installation and RepairFurniture Assembly, Installation and RepairTreadmill Assembly, Installation and RepairGame Table Assembly, Installation and RepairSwing and Play Set Assembly, Installation and Repair

The reason for our network is simple... we are here to make sure the consumer is taken care of by "professional" assembly, installation and repair technicians. If any manufacturer, online dealer or retailer is not listed below it is most likely that they are not using the UAN. You also need to know, most retailers that use national assembly companies that find their technicians through inexperienced sources.

What that means is... you are only a number to them. 

For years the UAN has recruited, trained and managed hundreds of technicians. We do our best to make sure our members are the best of the best. With the others... you never know what you are getting.

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It doesn't matter what type of product it is or who manufacturers it... if it comes as assembly required... we can help!

We are working with many other online dealers, manufacturers and retailers. We will add them soon.




Independent Technicians in business for themselves but not by themselves