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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the United Assemblers Network (UAN)?

The UAN is a growing organization of local service providers marketing their services directly to consumers in their area. The mission of the UAN is to connect consumers with qualified professionals. To do this, the UAN makes tips, tricks, business strategies, and educational resources available to all technicians of our network.


Where can the consumer find a professional service provider?

We have a directory on our website where the consumer can simply search for their professional by doing a zip code search or by filling out our Service Request Form on our Services page.

Who else uses the UAN?

The UAN also works with manufacturers and online dealers that adopt our directory and use it as their own. We maintain our directory at all times. In other words, only the technicians in good standing can achieve our Top Tech rating to acquire a listing.


Does the UAN screen the service providers?

The UAN Executive Committee vets technicians listed on the UAN directory. This committee is comprised of the network ownership and also other veteran professional technicians. By vetting prospective technicians, we can be sure that the people listed in our directory are actually the pros they claim they are. They must prove themselves to become “Top Techs” in our organization. However, our results are only as good as the information the committee is able to collect. We do our best to verify the information before anyone can be in our directory. So we recommend that the users of our directory also do their own due diligence. Ask the technician you wish to hire for references.


What is a Top Tech?

To achieve the Top Tech designation, UAN members must:

  1. Pass the UANCT which is the industries first certification test.
  2. Provide a copy of their liability insurance
  3. Have a registered business name
  4. Provide a background check at customers request and expense.

Therefore, Top Techs are the ones that have proven the level of professionalism that we know the consumer deserves. In conclusion, everyone needs to know a professional comes at a little higher cost.


Does the consumer pay the UAN or the service provider?

Consumers book and pay for services directly through the professional service provider. The reason for this policy is a direct connection between the service provider and the consumer. What is just as important is the faster and more personal attention the consumer gets through our organization.


What if customers are not happy with their service?

If a customer is dissatisfied with a service, then they should let the service provider know as soon as possible.

We hope that the service providers make a noble effort by providing the very best service. In fact, the UAN invites constructive feedback which we always appreciate, good or bad. We offer a way for the consumer to leave feedback through the UAN website and you can do so on our contact us page.


What does the UAN do if it learns a member is being unsafe or inappropriate?

We strive to be different and maintain a safe directory by setting standards for the membership in our organization. Please let us know if a member has acted in an unsafe or inappropriate way. If our policies we violated by a member, we may remove their profile from our directory. In the meantime, please contact us if you have any questions or concerns about any listed member.


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